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Master Telephone Socket

For many years the only telecoms service provider was the Post Office if you can remember that far back, Then a private company was formed, British Telecom which later Became BT who also now own a subsidiary company called Openreach, who work on behalf of all the now current additional service providers, looking after the Telecoms network from the Telephone Exchange up to your property. Its worth noting this: Before the first introduction into the public domain of ADSL (1st broadband service) the service providers task was simple, provide you with telephony only. It did not matter how the service was wired up at your property as such, because it was only an analogue signal being sent down a pair of aluminium or copper wires. You could, T-in, splice, split or even loop the telephone wiring around your property to get a test result of... ok! When ADSL arrived and you was lucky enough to receive (up too) the maximum of ( 2MG ) some of your existing internal phone wiring passed the test parameters of... ok!
This was great as it saved your service provider time and expense of rewiring your property to provide the service. A lot of the old cables and wiring configurations are still in existence today at your property, if you move into a new build home I can guarantee you an Openreach Engineer was not called in, to wire the property correctly with the right cables to best support broadband and the right wiring configurations be for you moved in. Over the past years, regularity, methods and obligations have all changed too, I must say to better suit the service provider, for it is now YOUR responsibility for your internal wiring, no matter whether the post office, British Telecom, BT, Openreach or some other person installed it. Your service providers reasonability stops at your master telephone socket, if you have one! (providing you have only one pair of wires from the exchange connected in line of route to one socket, with no other wires attached then it will not matter too much what type of master phone socket you have, the service should be... ok)

When ordering a new broadband service, your new provider will remotely test your current telephone line, if a result of...ok is established your new provider will offer you the service without the need for an engineer visit. All phone line services are tested over a frequency of 100khs and are tested to how much db (decibel) loss there is, if the decibel loss is greater than 47db your service will fall over and not work, in the past it was and is still common place for them to tell you, sorry your too far from the exchange you cannot have the service, when in fact distance was not the problem but the Telephone Line network getting too and at your property. If there is any imbalance on the line or connected to or a fault this will increase your decibel loss restricting your service or giving you none at all. Providing your telephone line test falls between 0db and 47db your line will test....ok for the service you receive. If you purchase a broadband service of (UP TO) a certain MEG value, say for example: (UP TO) 100meg  and you are only receiving say, 15meg or less, then that is... ok because your service provider will tell you your line tests...ok. Ever wondered why your neighbour receives more or less broadband speed than you, 60% is contributed to the line plant quality from the exchange up to your property. The other 40% is at your property. If you change service providers you may notice your get more or less broadband speed, this is because the engineer providing the service may have

The telecoms industry is spending vast amounts of money in improving its infrastructure like installing hard wired fibre optic cable form the telephone exchanges to in most cases three quarters of the distance from exchange to your property, rather than investing in wireless,  as hard wired services like fibre optic can carry much bigger bandwidths and cuts out most of the decibel loss to give you greater connectivity.

So as (YOU) the end user of the products, where does this leave you: very simply put, at your property, its your responsibility to improve the service presented at your home; its your responsibility for your now own wiring. If you can have a master telephone socket correctly wired to which you plug your router in and any connecting wiring configured correctly to not interrupt or drain your service, then you have achieved not only to improve your service, (speed) but also allowed your own home network to receive the maximum speed your service provider is presenting to your property. This will become very important to you if you do more than just browse web or do e-mails. For instance, you can now live stream or watch videos, play interactive gaming, download - music or other files, interactive TVs, mobile phones and many more devices with more entering the home all the time. It is now and for the future increasingly becoming more important to sustain the maximum broadband service (speed) you can use, be for you even consider using a wireless router, because in laymans terms, your wireless router can only start to share out its bandwidth from what it’s receiving in the first place. When using a wireless router 30% of your broadband is lost, bare this in mind as we continue......

I hope by now I have given you a far greater understanding of where to start, with improving your broadband speed and your home network.

Under the next tab titled, wireless broadband, I will do my best to explain in layman’s terms how you can improve your wireless connectivity speed, also how NO wireless router or booster will  increase your broadband speed presented at your property by your service provider

Remember I charge around half the cost of the major service providers!

And you can speak to me direct for my services on: 07925 365332

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